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Get the Best Barns in Indiana

If you need a small barn, shed or a portable building, you have come to the right place. We have been custom-building small utility structures in central Indiana and beyond for the past 20 years, at very competitive prices. Our workmanship and the quality of our materials ensure that your building is sturdy, durable and attractive. Contact Best Barns of Indiana today!
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Rely on Us for Quality Workmanship

Get our top-grade sheds or barns at an affordable price. We offer a 5-year WARRANTY on labor and materials and a 25-year WARRANTY on shingles.
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Our Products Come With Additional Features at No Extra Charge

Barns, sheds, tool shops and portable buildings all come in various sizes with great features. Get pre-primed Louisiana Pacific SmartSide siding and 2x4 framing for a stronger finished product.
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Check Out Our Wide Range of Services

  • Custom building on your lot-narrow gates, low branches, fences, soft yard, no problem
  • Pre-primed smart panel siding for less painting
  • Triple door stabilizer
  • 5-year WARRANTY on labor and materials
  • 25-year WARRANTY on shingles
  • Most of our competitors use 20-year roofing. We have several colors of limited lifetime dimensional shingles in stock at no additional charge! We, currently, have a large selection of dimensional shingles in stock
  • Locking T-door handle
  • Pressure-treated runners
  • Your choice of heavy 6' aluminum hinges or 3 black T hinges per door for the classic look
  • 12" O.C. floor joist
  • Pair of vents
  • Treated outside floor band for longer life
  • Metal threshold
  • Double 59” wide door (custom width available)

Our buildings range from 8'x8' units to 24'x40' two-story buildings, with a 10'x40' porch. We have had many repeat customers. We are more than willing to custom-design a building to meet your needs or dreams. 

1) All our buildings are 2"x4" framed (not 2"x3"). Knot size is limited to 1"
2) Standard flooring is 3/4" tongue-and-groove o.s.b. This is an upgrade with many competitors
3) We use 4"x4" treated runners for ground contact under our buildings
4) All buildings are constructed with doubled top plates on both side walls
5) We carefully place plywood and o.s.b. with the strength axis properly aligned
6) All of our doors are carefully constructed from 3 layers of material on the top, bottom and center edges. This gives you a stable and strong door, resistant to distortion and unauthorized entry. The normally stationary door has both top and bottom interior latches. The operational door has a keyed lock built into the handle, with the latch being interior (no padlock to be cut)
7) All buildings have a minimum of 4 inches overhang on all sides. This allows your siding to remain dry, making it last longer
8) All floors have an outside perimeter made of treated lumber, as this area remains wet longer than any other place on your building, allowing bacteria and fungus to reproduce and deteriorate if nontreated wood is used
9) Full-length aluminum hinges
10) We offer a 5-year warranty on all workmanship and materials
We do not currently take credit cards, as we would need to increase our pricing by $50 on the thousand to cover our expenses. We refuse to pass these costs on to customers who use cash or check. We make every effort to eliminate or reduce as many unnecessary costs as possible, while maintaining high-quality standards. We guarantee the structural soundness of every piece of lumber and plywood / o.s.b. used on your building. We fully stand by our tried and tested designs. We also believe our buildings to be attractive in their design, with a three-dimensional look. This is accomplished through the overhangs on all sides, plus the use of two-by material on the doors, avoiding the cardboard box or flat look. We think you will find our buildings attractive, low cost and long lasting.

Site and Delivery Requirements
It is the customer's responsibility to research the need for and obtain permits and / or homeowner association approval. We can block your building to level as long as the site is within 6 inches of level, although pre-leveling is preferred.
Some sites, building sizes or counties may require post anchoring. We do not excavate, other than installing post anchors. You will need to take care of these issues prior to the scheduled delivery date. Delivery within a 30-mile radius of Indianapolis International Airport is included in our pricing. If you are outside this area, there is a $2.50/mile charge for mileage outside of the radius.
For on-site constructed buildings, we will need electricity within 200'. A generator is available at an additional charge. If you can't be home on the day of the build or delivery, please stake the 4 corners of the site, with a 5th stake where the door is to be located.
Payment Info
A 50% deposit is required on all orders with the balance paid on the day of delivery. We accept cash, check, money order or cashier's check.
Caulking, Painting and Staining
You will need to caulk all the tops of horizontal lumber and the sides of vertical lumber with a superior-quality siliconized caulk or Silicone II TM. You will need to paint or stain your building within 30 days of delivery or as weather allows.
The siding and trim will be pre-primed. A top-quality exterior latex paint is best for the finish coat on the siding and trim.  
We are looking forward to serving you!

Shingle colors are available in black 3 tab and dim, white dim, autumn brown 3 tab, earthtone cedar dim, teak dim, heather blend dim, burnt sienna dim, brownwood dim, terra cotta dim, dove grey dim, sierra grey dim, desert tan dim, woodland green dim, chateau green dim, driftwood 3 tab and dim, weatherwood dim, pewter grey dim, storm cloud dim, aged copper dim and others. Custom colors are available for an additional charge.
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